Grab-A-Bag Christmas Card Pack

My team and I, at The Clever Factory, developed this product for the upcoming 2014 Christmas season. Specifically developed under a buy plan provided by Dollar General, we created four different themed sets. My goal and art direction for this product was to create something compelling and engaging. Allowing the customer to view each card design they would receive in each pack of cards, but also including nice typography were thoughts on the forefront. Consistency, yet individual treatment for each theme provides unity and dynamic that really allows this product to stand out above the crowd.

Rendering of the Grab-A-Bag Christmas Card pack. This product was developed specifically for Dollar General. Under my art direction, my team created four different themed sets. See additional designs below. Dollar General didn't pick up this product to offer in their stores, which sadly is sometimes part of the process.
Trendy spin on traditional.
Whimsical/Character driven.
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