The Design Coalition

The brain-child of Alyssa Reiman and I, The Design Coalition was formed on the basis of helping our friends, and ourselves, to build our portfolios and give a more creative outlet where our nine to five job may have left us lacking. We both have the desire to continually push ourselves and our work, and we knew our friends had those same desires. With the formation of The Design Coalition, our goal was to do just that. Originally we wanted the group to be a sort of "fight club" for us designers, "rule number one..." sort of deal. But, I guess the cat is out of the bag. Here you will find the branding we developed, as well as the nerdy/fun things that we did with forming this group.

The Design Coalition: Helping Each Other. Helping Ourselves.
The collaborative identity, created by Alyssa Reiman and myself.
Here you find the invitation we sent to prospective members, as well as informative letters. We also created buttons for each member to wear at our meetings. Pretty legit, right?
In the beginning of the process, Alyssa and I brainstormed logos on our own - exploring different routes. Here you see the logos that I developed initially.
Alyssa and I then met, and brought our separate work to the table. After review and discussion of where we wanted to take our logo, we chose a logo from each of us and melded the two together to form the final identity of The Design Coalition.
A shield, or coat-of-arms, if you will - we have our establishment date, as well as the tools of our trade.
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