'GREENBROKE' Album Cover
Jackson Dean explains the album title, “Never lose your wild... You can be tame enough to be in the room, but never let go of that untamed sense of who you are. That’s where your truest self lives.”

Animated album artwork.
CD Package
Various web/social assets were created in promotion of the album.
Spotify Canvases for various tracks from the album.
' GREENBROKE' Album trailer
Title Track "Greenbroke" Performance Video
"Red Light" Performance Video
"Trailer Park" Performance Video
"Don't Come Lookin'" Official Performance Video
"Don't Come Lookin' (Unplugged)" Performance Video
"Red Light" Lyric Video
"Superstitions" Lyric Video
"Other Than Me" Lyric Video
"Don't Come Lookin'" Lyric Video
"Fearless" Lyric Video
"Wings" Lyric Video
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