This print, created for a 'Self Portrait" print exchange, was the pivotal moment in which I realized the theme for my BFA Senior Show. Focusing on visual elements of twins, I incorporated DNA strands, divinding embryos, and two textures/patterns that signify my brother and myself. The embryo image is on a separate circular sheet of paper, which you can fold up revealing text about identical twins.
This hand-bound book was created from silkscreened prints which were tore down to create the pages. All of which were brought together with the hand stitching, mimicking chromosomes with the stitch. On the cover, and inside the book, you find imagery of dashed lines, imitating connection, and images of chromosomes. All reflecting back to the underlying factors that make each person individually different.
These two books were created with the same intent as the book above. This original binding structrue was designed to reflect on the connecion of twins - two separate parts that come from a whole.
Keeping consistent within the Twin theme, these two books, "A" & "B", touch on the identification process of twins. Each book within their own tray, the box folds up to one combining structure.
In this print, I continued to carry some consitent imagery and type, but began to incorporate ink blots- which signify individuality. Each individual see different things in each inkblot - reflecting personality and the uniqueness of each twin.
"If you are identical twins, it means you are also mirror image twins." Here I began using photographs, paired with imagery I often used, to reflect the theme of twins. 
These two prints were created as a diptych, which were meant to be shown together. Each print shows the indiviudal "A" & "B" twin, with organic imagery paired with text and ultrasound photos of my brother and myself.
This print combines most of all the imagery I used within the other works in this theme.
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