Big Machine Label Group | 10 Years of Disruption

Big Machine Label Group: 10 Years of Disruption 10th Anniversary Company Retreat In celebration of Big Machine's 10th year in existence, the creative team was tasked with branding and creating visual elements for the anniversary theme. Updating existing elements, such as the iconic car logo, we wanted to promote the idea of 10 more years of "disruption." This concept of "disruption" is about creating positive noise, to be loud, to always question and push the norm. And Big Machine does just that. SVP Creative: Sandi Spika Borchetta Art Director: Becky Resier Creative Director Photo/Video: Nicole Flammia Creative Coordinator: Seth Hellman Executive Assistant to SVP Creative: Hunter Claire Rogers Senior Graphic Designer: Justin Ford

10 Years of Disruption LOGO
10 Years of Disruption branded gift items for staff
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