Steven Tyler "Red, White & You" Branding Elements

Steven Tyler "Red, White & You" Branding Elements 2016 Dot Records Release This is an energetic, up-beat anthem that blends Steven’s country and rock sides. This song is true to who Steven Tyler is as an artist. The inspiration behind this execution of the cover art, branding elements and lyric video is two worlds colliding to create something magical. Steven has stepped out of his rock and roll past and into the country format. Not only has he gone back to his roots, but he has created something new and fresh with this song, in a format that could use just this. It is two worlds colliding to create something magical. While listening to this song, we began to think about this and started envisioning the work of artist Jean Michel Basquiat; particularly the collaborative work he and Andy Warhol created in the mid-1980’s. During this time, Basquiat inspired Warhol to go back to his roots, step away from the commercialism and begin painting on canvas again. The work they created was because two worlds collided to create something magical. This is the inspiration for the cover art for “Red, White & You.” SVP Creative: Sandi Spika Borchetta Art Director: Becky Reiser Senior Graphic Designer: Justin Ford Creative Coordinator: Seth Hellman Executive Assistant to SVP Creative: Hunter Claire Rogers Lyric Video Director: Becky Reiser

"Red, White & You" Single Cover Art
Countdown to Release: Social Media Graphics
Story Boards for Lyric Video
Official Steven Tyler "Red, White & You" Lyric Video
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