Jennifer Nettles | Playing With Fire

Jennifer Nettles: Playing With Fire 2016 album release on Big Machine Records Playing With Fire is classic Jennifer Nettles. Her powerful vocals can be heard on soaring ballads and fun/upbeat tracks. Jennifer wanted the visuals for this album to capture her personality as well strength and femininity, while playing off of the title Playing With Fire. The cover art for this album features Jennifer with a playful smile and a match in her mouth. The hand-drawn pattern in the background hints at fire swirling behind her, while having a feminine quality. The color palette is earthy with both bold and soft tones. The fonts are organic, playful and strong. This theme continues throughout packaging. Photographer: Marc Baptiste/ Artmix Creative Art Direction: Big Machine Label Group Creative: Sandi Spika Borchetta, Becky Reiser Graphic Design: Becky Reiser, Justin Ford, Abbey Bennett Wardrobe: Hayley Atkin at The Wall Group Hair: Frankie Foye at Photo Op Management Make-up: Kristofer Buckle

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