Brett Young | Branding

Brett Young | Branding 2016 Self-Titled EP release on BMLG Records 2016 Single record "Sleep Without You" release on BMLG Records We wanted to create assets for Brett that really communicate his vision as an artist as well as the thought behind his music. There are no frills or unnecessary design elements, simply because they are not needed. The honesty of the design, in it’s simplicity, relates to the honesty of the music. Both the EP and single covers draw you in; with a focus on the photography and the intense connection you make with the artist through eye contact. The “up close and personal” cropping of the photos convey the intimacy of the music. SVP Creative: Sandi Spike Borchetta Art Director: Becky Reiser Nicole Flammia - Creative Director | Video + Photo Production Seth Hellman - Creative Coordinator Senior Graphic Designer: Justin Ford

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