Chronicles Of The Kid - Album Cover
Approved mood-board/direction for the album art, utilizing the composition notebook (that Ayron uses for songwriting), and the layering/zine/collage vibe. Each song on this album tells a story, compiled together as the Chronicles Of "The Kid" (a nickname for Ayron).
Custom font created from Ayron's handwriting
Various vinyl color variations were released. 
Vinyl Package. There was an insert created that appeared as a page torn from the interior spread of the jacket - mimicking a torn page from composition notebook.
CD Package. Booklet was a roll-fold style book to accommodate the collaged artwork style. 
Social graphics created to promote the album release.
Animated Album artwork
Sampling of canvas videos created for the album.
Unique artwork was created for various advance tracks on the album.
"The Title" advance track animated artwork.
"Blood In The Water" Lyric Video
"My America" Lyric Video
"The Title" Lyric Video
Official music video for "Blood In The Water"
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