UNIFIED: Bring Joy - Big Machine Label Group 2021 Staff Retreat Branding/Theme
Every artist and team member of BMLG are unified in a mission - to bring joy to the world through the music we are so passionate about. 
Our creative vision for this year's theme played on the concept of constellations -- the light and value we each bring to the table, and how we can amplify that power when we come together.

Video presentation for staff retreat - and used as a promotional tool throughout the 2022 year.
Branding style guide - fonts & colors
Unique constellations were designed around each of our music labels and teams with Big Machine.
Custom pullover hoodie with the retreat branding as a staff gift item.
Custom heat-activated mug with retreat branding as a staff gift item. 
A custom plaque was created for each staff member of BMLG, in recognition of each person's contributions throughout 2021 in "bringing joy to the universe." The plaque featured cut gold and silver mirror with rhinestones for the large stars of the UNIFIED constellation, as well as cover artwork representing many of the releases we all worked in 2021.
As our retreat meetings were still all virtual in 2021, we created unique zoom backgrounds for staffers to use throughout the week of meetings, and throughout the year.
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