I was recently contacted by a friend, and past co-worker, who was starting a supper club. She had a clear vision of not only the food, which I must say looks and sounds delicious, but for the identity of the supper club as well.
This is the logo I created for The Washington Supper Club. Staying minimal with the black and white coloration, I created custom typography paired with a Magnolia flower, which is a symbol that the group has history with. It is also the name of the room in which the event takes place, held on the last Saturday of the month at the Mt. Vernon Restaurant in Chatanooga, TN.
The Washington Supper Club is the creation of Mt. Vernon Restaurant's fourth generation owner, Hannah Messinger. It is loosely based on a time-honored Southern tradition: the Wednesday night church dinner. Her hope for this ongoing event is for it to be a place for locals to meet and break bread together, to know one another and to learn about the bounty of artists, farms and innovators locally in Chattanooga, TN. 
Here, you find supporting imagery I created for The Washington Supper Club.
For more information about The Washington Supper Club, or you are interested in purchasing tickets, visit their webpage here.
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